I’m starting this blog as a way to chronicle my cooking conundrums. I have always had a passion for eating and good food. However, it was not until I started law school and moved out on my own and actually had to cook for myself that I became interested and fell in love with cooking (eating Lean Cuisines and Chick-Fil-A for every meal starts to get old). 

 I have been around good food and cooks my entire life. Coming from a family of mostly women, food has always been a way for us to connect and have fun together.  My mom is a home-ec teacher who was constantly cooking and coming up with creative ideas while I was growing up. Her breadth of cooking/food knowledge has never ceased to amaze me. I have called her countless times asking for advice, tips, and ways to fix some disasters that I have created.  Some of my fondest memories are of baking cookies with my Meme Deskins and helping my mom, aunts, and cousin Kristy cook. 

Please join me on this journey of learning, discovering, and falling in love with yummy food!


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